Sixteen thousand toothbrushes packed for Aboriginal children and families in Broome

The Rotaract team standing in front of the packed toothbrushes

A day of packing for the Kimberley Dental Team

On Saturday 16 February, the Rotaract crew once again got together to pack 16 000 toothbrushes.

We regularly pack toothbrushes for the Kimberley Dental Team to send to remote communities and schools. They also use these ready-made packs when they go deliver dental services to those who would otherwise not benefit from such care. This time, the shipment was going to Broome.

Some of our club members have helped pack more than 50 000 toothbrushes during their time in the club. What an incredible achievement!

We are proud to say that over the years, we have helped the Kimberley Dental team send over 200 000 toothbrushes to Aboriginal communities.

What a magnificent effort and fantastic project to be involved with!