KIVA – Empowering people and reducing poverty

As a forward-thinking club, we are always scoping for new and inventive ideas to help the global community. This year, we will support international projects through KIVA, an organisation that operates under micro-financing principles.

KIVA links people in need to donors worldwide and by making a base donation of just $25, lenders can help reduce poverty and empower individuals in need around the world by lending them money that is later repaid.

To date there are 1.39 million lenders, spread across 84 countries, supporting KIVA with loans totalling $831 million. An impressive repayment rate of 98.36% also means that once the loan is paid back, it can be cycled through to other projects.

Come along to one of our meetings to have your say on the project we choose to support or contact Renuka, our International Services director to learn more about our involvement with KIVA.